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Coming Soon: The ISO 24526 Certification Standard for Water efficiency Management Systems

Posted by DQS PHILIPPINES on December 18, 2018  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Water – it may well be the most underrated resource in the world. Whereas many companies have implemented management systems to improve energy-efficiency, it is far less common to see effective water management systems. The new standard ISO 24526 for water-efficiency management systems addresses this void and will help organizations to increase efficiency, save costs and protect the environment. Currently under development and available as DIS, the new ISO 24526 enables companies to implement a water efficiency management system (WEMS) in accordance with international standards and to seek third-party certification. The aim of the standard is to provide an effective and flexible approach for the implementation and maintenance of water efficiency management systems in organizations of all kinds and sizes. For more information about the new standard and its benefits, please visit the website of DQS CFS: