About us

True partners – with Head, Heart, and Hand

We think about your management system and your success. Every year we assess more than 65,000 organizations and each one is unique in its structure and culture. Driven by your objectives, we assess and evaluate the effectiveness of systems and processes to deliver business results. Your sustainable success is our target.

We feel your challenges and pressures. Worldwide our customers experience challenges of change and threatening uncertainties. With more than 2,800 experienced and highly competent
auditors, we work on solutions for our customers. As true partners, we offer support especially in times of rapidly changing markets, because we care about people.

We act to add value to your business. With over 35 years of experience in management system assessments, we have learned to focus on effective process management and business
results. Sustainable success comes from effective management systems, making the best use of opportunities, and managing risks wisely.

For certification of management systems, for assessments of processes or services, for evaluation of an organization or network, with DQS you have found a true partner, serving you with head, heart, and hand.

We have 2500 auditors from 85 offices performing 125 000 audit days per year at 65 000 sites in 130 countries around the world.

And we are on a journey since February 1985 when DIN (German Institute for Standardization) and DGQ (German Society for Quality) founded DQS as the first Certification Body in Germany. Operations commenced under the first Managing Director Dr. Wolfgang Hansen just five months before the first draft of what would become ISO 9001 was published.

As part of our commitment to support and assist our customers and prospect clients we are pleased to share the ISO 22301 or Business Continuity Management System.



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