ISO Survey 2018 – results published (2019 Updates)

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Every year ISO performs a survey of certifications to its management system standards. The survey shows the number of valid certificates to ISO management standards reported for each country, each year.

The ISO Survey 2018 has been published recently and it shows an estimation of the number of valid certificates as of 31 December 2018.

What is new? This year’s survey covers 2 additional standards:

  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems
  • ISO 37001:2016 Anti-bribery management systems

This adds up to a total of 12 ISO management system standards included in the survey.

Changes were also made in the questionnaire used to collect the data. ISO asked for three separate sets of data:

  • the number of valid certificates
  • the number of sectors per country covered by the certificates
  • the number of sites per country covered by the certificates

Because of these changes, ISO decided to publish the results in a separate file from the past results. The difference in the collecting method would not allow to compare the 2018 data with the data from the previous years appropriately and would lead to inaccurate conclusions.

Coming Soon: The ISO 24526 Certification Standard for Water efficiency Management Systems

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Water – it may well be the most underrated resource in the world. Whereas many companies have implemented management systems to improve energy-efficiency, it is far less common to see effective water management systems. The new standard ISO 24526 for water-efficiency management systems addresses this void and will help organizations to increase efficiency, save costs and protect the environment. Currently under development and available as DIS, the new ISO 24526 enables companies to implement a water efficiency management system (WEMS) in accordance with international standards and to seek third-party certification. The aim of the standard is to provide an effective and flexible approach for the implementation and maintenance of water efficiency management systems in organizations of all kinds and sizes. For more information about the new standard and its benefits, please visit the website of DQS CFS:

ISO Survey 2017 released

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The ISO Survey of Certifications is an annual survey of the number of valid certificates to ISO management system standards worldwide.

In order to compile the information in this survey, ISO contacts accredited certification bodies and request information about the number of valid certificates they have as at 31 December 2017. This results in the most comprehensive overview of certifications to these standards currently available, despite the fluctuations in the number of certificates from year to year due to differences in the number of participating certification bodies and the number of certificates they report.

The table below show the overall results of the 2017 Survey:

Energy Management: Revised ISO 50001:2018 has been published

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On August 20, 2018 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published ISO 50001:2018, the revised management system standard for energy management. The transition period for existing certificates was confirmed to be three years from the publication date.

DQS, like all other certification bodies is required to stop conducting audits according to the “old” ISO 50001:2011 after February 20, 2020 (18 months after the publication date). This means that certified organizations will have to plan accordingly and should start preparations for transition as soon as possible to assure a smooth transition process.

The main changes required by the revised standard are:

  • Adoption of the ISO High Level Structure (HLS) for management system standards, ensuring compatibility with ISO 14001 and other ISO management system standards
  • A stronger emphasis on the responsibility of leadership
  • Improved sections on data collection and normalization

Some clarification of key concepts related to energy performance

DQS Philippines proudly presents their first certification for ISO 55001 Asset Management

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SNAP – SN Aboitiz Power – Benguet, Inc. – is one of the largest providers of hydroelectric power in the Philippines. Ambuklao Hydroelectric Power Plant was one of the first large hydroelectric power plants in the Philippines providing 105 megawatts, while Binga Hydroelectric Power Plant provides 140 megawatts. Their output is sold both to electric utilities and on the spot market. They have also been a partner of National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) providing ancillary services.

DQS Certification Philippines has been the certification partner for the integrated management system of SN Aboitiz Power-Benguet for two cycles already, providing services for occupational safety and health (OHSAS 18001), environmental (ISO 14001) and quality (ISO 9001).For this reason, SNAP is very familiar and very happy with the quality of DQS services. The competence of their auditors is what makes DQS Philippines most valuable and competitive, especially considering they were able to assign the first local auditor for Asset Management standard in the Asia Pacific region.

Romeo Zamora, Managing Director of DQS Philippines, states that “We value our clients by providing them the best service and support that we can offer, as we make sure to deliver them immediate response on their inquiries and help them in their needs to further improve their management systems and developments regarding this. We make sure that we are not only there for one-time transaction, but for long term relationship and partnership in achieving continuous improvement.

SN Aboitiz Power chose to undergo this certification to ISO 55001 in order to have a system with which to optimize operations and maintenance of its assets with a balance of profitability, risks, and performance, as they proceed to further improve and develop their management systems.

With this achievement, Mr. Joseph Yu, President and CEO of SNAP, said “This affirms our commitment to operate world-class energy facilities.” In addition, Mr. Manny Lopez, Chief Technical Officer of SNAP, stated that “DQS Philippines has been our certification partner for over six years already and we are definitely satisfied with their services as they always provide support and help us in achieving our continuous improvement to the success of the company.”

Aboitiz Group, which SNAP belongs to, is now looking to expand the certification of their Asset Management System and additional standards, such as Business Continuity Management for their further improvement, with DQS Certification Philippines.

Congratulations to SNAP and DQS Philippines for this success story!

Article supplied by

Nory Anne Mendoza, Business Development Specialist of DQS Philippines

DQS Certification Philippines Expresses their Gratitude Towards Their Partners

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Figure 1. DQS Certification Philippines’ Partners gathered during the DQS Appreciation Day.

DQS Certification Philippines held its first general meeting of clients entitled “DQS Appreciation Day” at Acacia Hotel Manila in Alabang, Muntinlupa City last December 1, 2017.

Figure 2. Some clients for the First Cycle Awardees of DQS Philippines

Figure 3. Some clients for the Second Cycle Awardees of DQS Philippines

This meeting is to express the gratitude of DQS Philippines towards their clients for their loyal patronage of the certification services for all these years. Out of more than 100 clients, DQS awarded 24 first cycle partners who have been certified for 3-5 years already and nine (9) second cycle partners for 6-8 years already.

Figure 4. Mr. Romeo V. Zamora, Managing Director of DQS Certification Philippines, provided updates for ISO Certification.

The Managing Director of DQS Certification Philippines, Mr. Romeo Zamora, has provided some updates for the ISO certification including the requirements for the transition to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 this coming 2018, and some programs for the clients.

New draft of ISO 50001 energy management standard

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Published in 2011, ISO 50001 is a proven framework, helping industrial facilities, commercial facilities, or entire organizations to manage energy – including all aspects of energy use.

Like all International Standards, ISO 50001 has come under periodic review to ensure that it continues to meet the rapidly changing needs of the energy sector. This work is being carried out by the ISO technical committee responsible for energy management and energy savings (ISO/TC 301). The most important change for the 2018 version is the incorporation of the high-level structure, which provides for improved compatibility with other management system standards. The growth of ISO 50001 is expected to accelerate as an increasing number of companies integrate ISO 50001 into their corporate sustainability strategies and supplier requirements.

The Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 50001 was approved in November 2017, and the new version of ISO 50001 is expected to be published at the end of 2018. You can find out more about ISO 50001 on

Latest update on ISO 45001 – FDIS to be published

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After the meeting of the ISO 45001 project committee in September 2017, ISO announced a more specific timeline with regards to the publication of ISO 45001.

It was agreed that a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) of ISO 45001 would be needed because a number of technical changes had been made to the DIS text. The FDIS ballot is now scheduled to start on 30th November 2017 and to be completed on 25th January 2018. If the FDIS ballot is successful, there will then be a short period of final preparation of the text and the publication of the final standard is likely to be in the first half of 2018.

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