DQS Auditors & Experts

Audit as a dialogue

DQS auditors see an audit as a professional dialogue among equal partners. Rather than completing checklists, DQS auditors focus fully on the auditee and on understanding individual management systems.

Tailor-made audit planning

Each audit is planned individually and based on the needs of each individual organization. This includes the maturity of the management system, technological, economic or cultural conditions and key topics of an organization. As the majority of our auditors are qualified not only for quality management standards, but also for additional specialized areas, such as environmental, health and safety, automotive, energy management and others, DQS Group is able to provide our customers with a competent team for almost any combination of standards.

Technical competence

All DQS auditors have a complete professional education, university degrees and real business experience. Amongst our auditors are medical doctors, engineers, food safety experts, biologists, finance specialists, professors and many more. In addition to this, they also have extensive experience in management techniques and systems, and a proven record of hands-on experience in the various industry sectors they audit. Our customers benefit from their expertise.

Qualification and training

DQS promotes a harmonized audit approach and a common understanding of standard interpretations. To that end, we organize a yearly worldwide mandatory auditor training program, which includes topics like interpretation of standards, audit techniques, interview methods and case studies.

Audits as motivation

DQS auditors create a working environment which allows all people involved to genuinely represent their own field of activity. The goal is finding strengths as well as valuable improvement potential. Social competence of DQS auditors and respect are essential for a successful audit.


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