Impartiality Declaration from DQS Certification Philippines, Inc.

The value of DQS certificates is in the degree of confidence and trust that customers and markets place in DQS. Customers of certified organizations and end users expect to rely on DQS certificates. To promote this confidence, DQS takes into account the following principles in all of its activities:






    Ethical business practices

Impartiality requires independence from any undue influence upon certification decisions, which shall be objective and purely fact-based. Competence is a key asset in ensuring professional audits that lead to valid results. Every employee in every function shall be duly competent for their assigned tasks. At DQS Certification Philippines, Inc. we take responsibility for our activities and their results.

For a certification body, openness means unrestricted access to certification services without any undue discrimination. Confidentiality is another key asset in building sustainable business partnerships with our customers. Professional data and information protection is a continuous activity at DQS Certification Philippines, Inc.

A corporate code of ethics has been established, defining consistent corporate values and principles in all DQS organizations worldwide.

Top management of DQS Holding and its accredited subsidiaries are committed to the impartiality of its certification activities. A statement about the importance of impartiality is publicly accessible on the DQS webpage.

At least once a year, all accredited DQS subsidiaries carry out a documented analysis in order to identify possible threats to impartiality and independence and – if applicable – to define actions to reduce such risks to an acceptable level.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, the companies of the DQS Group do not engage in any kind of management system consultancy services and DQS certification services are not marketed or offered as linked with the activities of an organization that provide such kind of services. DQS Certification Philippines, Inc. also abstains from training and personnel certification in the area of management systems, unless such activities are conducted in accordance with the shareholders. 

DQS Certification Philippines, Inc. evaluates and manages the impartiality of its assessments and/or certifications in situations where in the previous two years DQS or its subsidiaries have provided other management systems related services to the company. DQS Certification Philippines, Inc. does not certify organizations where in the previous two years internal audits have been carried out by DQS or its subsidiaries for its management system certification activities.

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