Responsible Care

Responsible Care® (RC) is a global, chemical industry performance initiative that is implemented in the United States and mandatory for members and partners of the American Chemistry Council (ACC).  In the US, according to the ACC, Responsible Care® has resulted in reduced emissions by 75 percent and an employee safety record that is four and a half times better than the average of the US manufacturing sector.

The RCMS were developed by the ACC to integrate the RC® Guiding Principles, Codes of Management Practice and to transform them into a continual improvement-based Plan-Do-Check-Act management system approach. Organizations must demonstrate their commitment to gaining structure, improving credibility and involving employees in their Environmental Health, Safety and Security efforts.

As an ANAB accredited RC registrar, DQS, Inc. understands the importance that the RC program plays for ACC, its members, partners and the chemical industry in general, through value add assessments.

DQS was the first registrar globally to certify a client outside the US in Asia. DQS is an official “Friend of Responsible Care” organization and sees itself as a partner to clients on the road to certification and EHSS performance improvement.







Promoting Business

  • Gaining organizational efficiencies
  • Improved community relations
  • Liability protection
  • Competitive advantage
  • Financial marketplace recognition
  • Strong, effective processes provide competitive advantages
  • Employee awareness
  • Adherence to legal requirements
  • Improved image

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