Telecommunications Quality Management

TL 9000 was designed to help telecommunication companies achieve business excellence through continuous performance improvement by adopting ‘best practices’ and benchmarking the performance against the ‘best-in-class’ globally.

TL 9000 helps achieve this by establishing and implementing an industry-specific Quality Management System which addresses requirements like:

• Short Term Quality Planning
• Product and Service Life Cycle
• Disaster Recovery Systems
• Service Delivery Plan and Project Planning
• Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

The benchmarking of performance with the ‘best-in-class’ globally is achieved by measuring, reporting, and continually improving the customer-centric performance measurements such as on-time service delivery, service quality, number of problem reports, fix response time for problem report, etc.

• Increase Customer Satisfaction
• Foster Employee Motivation
• Clearly Define Responsibilities
• Establish Efficient and Effective Corporate Processes
• Minimize Corporate Risk
• Initiate Continuous Improvement
• Save Time and Operating Costs
• Prevent Errors
• Improve Corporate Image

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